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Mystery map in iwate

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How to use

You can scroll 360 degrees on the map screen by dragging with the mouse.

List of spots

Ezuriko Kofungun

The Edzuriko Kofun Group is a cluster of burial mounds from the latter half of the late Kofun period (late 7th century to early 8th century). They are located in Kami-Edzuriko, Kitaoiyanagi, and Waga-cho Nagano, Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture.

Tsuchizawa Castle Park

The ruins of Tsuchizawa Castle can be found in Towada, Hanamaki City, Japan. While there are no buildings remaining, standing atop the hill provides a picturesque and scenic view.

Shin Hanamaki Station

As for notable athletes associated with Hanamaki, there are Shohei Ohtani, who achieved the MVP in the Major League, and Yuusei Kikuchi, who is currently active with the Mariners and other teams.

At the Shin-Hanamaki Station, you can find displays of signed memorabilia and uniforms belonging to baseball players associated with Hanamaki.

Morioka Castle

This is the site where the ruins of Morioka Castle have been developed into a park.

The area, adorned with stone walls, exudes a nostalgic atmosphere and has become a renowned spot that evokes thoughts of the ancient castle.

Shiwa Castle Remain

This is a historical park where the ancient castle fortification, "Shiba Castle," built by Sakanoue no Tamuramaro in the Heian period 1200 years ago, has been restored and maintained.

It is a relaxing park where castle gates and other features have been reconstructed.

The Konjikido (Golden Hall)

The Konjikido (Golden Hall) of Chūson-ji is a Buddhist temple that was built by Fujiwara no Kiyohira over 900 years ago.

Covered in gold, the building can currently be viewed through glass from within the lecture hall.

The entire Chūson-ji area is a World Heritage Site, making it a very popular spot among tourists.

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