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Afterimage video player

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  1. Afterimage video player
  2. Select a file
    1. Android
    2. Android(Firefox)(Firefox)
    3. iOS
  3. Update history

Afterimage video player

It plays the video as if it had afterimages. In fact, it displays the video by stacking three layers, so there might be a considerable delay when used on slow smartphones or with large video files. Also, it does not display well on iPhones. Sorry.

Androic(Chrome, Firefox, Opera)
iOS(Safari, Chrome)

Postion :- - Speed : 1.0

Select a file


Select 'File' under 'Choose File'. Then, choose the video file.


In the Firefox browser, you will see a 'Confirm File Use' prompt, so click 'Allow'.

Select a video file, such as an 'mp4'.


On an iPhone, select 'Photo Library'.

Select a video. The ones with a recording time are videos.

Update history

  • 2024/3/31 Beta release.

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