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AR Camera Maker[body]

What is 'AR Camera Maker'?

There are numerous smartphone apps that utilize AR effects such as Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and others. Yet, surprisingly, there are only a few apps that offer such features for PCs.

This is precisely why I created this web page. With our platform, you can enjoy real-time video effects right on your web browser.

To play, you will require a PC and a webcam. For optimal performance, I suggest using Microsoft Edge or Chrome as your browser.

List of AR Filters

Show your skelton

Show the skeleton in your overall picture.

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Updated History

  • 2022/10/9 Fix bug that stops video on iPhone
  • 2022/10/2 Add more sizes like 1080px×1920px.
  • 2022/9/20 Supports record/download video.
  • 2022/9/5 Size can be changed.
  • 2022/9/4 Support tag.
  • 2022/9/1 Added videoinput-pulldown menu.
  • 2022/7/20 Added Japanese edition.
  • 2022/3/1 Beta Version