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AR National Flag Body Paint(Cameroon)

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About This Effect

AR Camera Maker
Put national flag on your forehead automatically.
(Chrome for PC is recommended.)


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How to use

This AR web app allows you to add effects to your camera images in real time.
You can save camera image as PNG or WEB file.

(1)For PCs, a webcam should be pre-connected.

(2)Once the page is open, please allow the camera to be used.

(3)At the top of the camera screen,
you can switch the camera device and change its screen size.

(4)Press snapshot button to download the image.

(5)Press record button to record the screen.
When the stop button is pressed, the video is created in WEBM format.
A link to download the file will appear.


Camera not working correctly?
-Close all other applications that use the camera.

-Use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome on PC, Android.

-Please allow the camera before use.

-Click HERE to clear all cookies, and please reload again.

Cannot select video input?
Some filters do not yet support video input switching.

Cannot start recording?
I confirmed the app works with Microsoft Edge/Chrome on PC, Chrome on Android.

However, recording still doesn't work well on iPhone.

What is WEBM? MP4 is not available?
WEBM is one of video file formats.
Currently, only WEBM format is supported for output.

MP4 format is not availabe.
But you can converted WEBM files to MP4 at the following sites.

As for iPhone, you can play webm files with the VLC player.


Program was made by akYip: Twitter| YouTube

Thanks to:
[Libraries] clmtrackr| MediaPipe

[Free Photos & Images]: Unwing| Pakutaso| Illust-ya
Illust-ya| ICOOON MONO

[AI Model] Dall-E

[Free Sounds]: Koukaon-Lab

[Tools]: Photoshop Elements| Inkscape| OBS Studio